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We have built our organization from the ground up with collaboration as a core value and guiding principle for all that we do. Our growing organization is attracting talented, dynamic and driven individuals that have the individual strength to change the commercial real estate industry, for the better. Select a country to display the advisors within that region, and contact one of our local advisors today.



Edward J Okopny

Director of Corporate Development

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(F) 18662578377

Everything can change in the blink of an eye… It is not the events or circumstances that we encounter in our life that guide us forward or determines our destiny. It is however, what we learn and the way we choose to take action that shapes our future. I also believe, the people that come in and out of our lives can have a substantial impact on us and that there is no relationship without value.

From being part of the Cellular Industry in its pioneering phase, to innovative Building products, and then on to the Insurance Industry, I have found the most important asset was an ability to communicate strongly and develop relationships.

The cornerstone of my relationships and partnerships is trust, without it there really is no future. As I move forward to maximize the opportunities in front of me, I will continue to learn from all I encounter, embrace the relationships I have, and look forward to who and what will come my way in the future.

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